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Gauri Kapur
Celebrity makeup artist and grooming consultant
“I was amazed to see the packaging - It’s fabulous and very interesting. As a product, StudyLite is very trendy, quite powerful and extremely convenient. It comes in four beautiful colours; I really had to pick one. The design is very intriguing too. I would give it 10/10 in design, color, flexibility and portability. And the best is, it generates no heat and has no sharp ends, extremely safe for children....”

Rekha Handae
Ex Femina Miss India (1983)
“At the first glance, it looks like a gift. The packaging is extremely trendy and colourful. It’s an amazing product with great usability both for children and parents. It’s very bright and looks very nice sitting on the study table. Unlike other lamps, it has a cooling effect, not at all harsh on the eye, very decorative, flexi, modern and cute. I would highly recommend especially to those who have school going children.”

Namrita G
Designer and proprietor of the brandline Namrata G
“Packaging is very classy, sleek - Can be a great gift item. It’s very sleek in design, a bit feminine though. I love the colors but would be great if they can introduce some more options like silver or metallic to give it a little manly touch. The best part is you can even leave it on in the night without worrying about the bulb getting hot. It’s a flawless piece of art. I give it 100/100.”

Sheela Krishnaswamy
Director NICHE
“It’s got a very unique and intriguing design. The best part – it’s safe for the children, is smooth and has no sharp edges. It doesn’t hurt the eye; you can read for hours without feeling tired. Even elders can use it, lighter to carry and easier on eyes. It’s a much awaited product especially in Bangalore where power cuts are so frequent. And has certainly come at the right time, when everyone wants to go green.”

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